Clothing,wig, and accessories added option

Female with optional illuminated eyes


Different Arm Movements Demo Video


Talking Option Demo Video

Different Head Motions Demo Video:

Head "B"

                  Male Fortune Teller

Measures 31" tall from the base/torso to the top of the head, and 18" wide from shoulder to shoulder.

           Female Fortune Teller

Measures 28"  tall from the base/torso to the top of head , and 15" wide from shoulder to shoulder.

Have you've been wanting to build your own unique fortune teller machine but don't know how to get started? Perhaps already started a build and need help to finish? Now you're able to realize your vision with this do-it-yourself kit ! It contains all the necessary parts you need to build your very own authentic coin-operated fortune teller machine quickly and easily without any of the technical hassle! ( cabinet not included)

Build It Yourself And Save!

This kit contains the same parts used in new fortune teller machines available today but at a fraction of the cost!

Simply install all the components contained in the kit into your own cabinet,place in the animated figure ,dress it up ,plug it all together with the included easy to follow directions, and go! Add your own embellishments to create your own personally unique fortune teller machine!
 Contains a dollar bill validator, coin slot, or push button ,

a card dispenser (optional), an animated figure that's programed to your liking, and all necessary electrical components  that's pre-wired and ready to install with labeled connectors. Also for simplicity, a single main control module that controls everything from the fortune teller's movements , to the lighting of your cabinet. 

Already Started A Build And Need Help?

If you have your own figure already and just need some pieces from the kit, and/or need your own figure animated, we can help! Contact us for options and pricing.

.Two different Head Options

Female Head : A female head / body (Picture "A" below). You can  have this animated head with moving eyes and head, or moving eyes,head, and a moving mouth.

Male Head- A male head and body (picture "B" below) .  You can have this animated head with moving eyes and head, or moving eyes,head,and a moving mouth.

All components are of high quality, so this kit can be used as a Halloween prop for a haunted attraction, used to be vended in a commercial setting, or for theatrical use.

Animated figures are hand made using sturdy aluminum and plastic construction, with long lasting electrical motors that are serviceable. Control module has a built-in safety fuse to protect it from power surges . Provides years of dependable service.

******This item is made-to-order, and is built according to your specified request.     Please allow  approx. 4-10 weeks for construction.*******