" Back To The Future" Time Circuits Desk Clock

      This functional  desk clock  is built  to resemble the time circuit  display in the Delorean time machine that was featured in the cult classic movie: "Back To The Future". Clock shows the dates  and time Mary McFly traveled to in  the movie. " Present Time" displays the current time . Features all aluminum construction , and plugs into any household electrical outlet.  This is one of three time circuit clocks that I built.

"Walt Disney's Enchanted Tiki Room"

           Animated Wall Clock
        Completed January 2017.

"Walt Disney Presents" Animated TV Table Clock.
                    Completed April 2017

"Roll-A-Matic "  Electro-Mechanical Desk Clock.                  

                 Completed March 2016

This  big rolling number flip clock is made using restored antique parts and new circuits/wiring for a very unique desk clock. Each 4" diameter number wheel is driven by a 25 volt solenoid (electromagnet) and gives a loud mechanical "clack" with every minute/hour that passes. I also added a chime that rings on the hour.  Another interesting feature I incorporated was an analog gauge with a needle that moves back n forth to count the seconds.  An internal cooling fan keeps the inside of the clock at a safe temperature..

Classic Car Speedometer Desk Clock -  Electro-Mechanical Clock                                  Completed April 2017

This speedometer from a vintage 1959 Plymouth automobile was repurposed into a functional electric desk clock. The illuminated speedometer needle shows the current hour by how "fast"  it's going ( 10 mph = 1:00,  20 mph= 2:00,  30 mph= 3 :00 , etc.). Moving gauges, , blinking warning and hazard lights, and V8 engine sound effects all happen throughout the clocks operation to give it added animation. Since working on old cars is a hobby of mine, I always wanted to make something like this but had the idea shelved for some time until now.The clock operates on 2 separate cpus and a basic audio board. Clock also has a switch to mute the sound if so desired.

This was the first of my animated clock builds and is themed around the classic Enchanted Tiki Room's garden pre-show at Disneyland. At the top of every other hour this functional electro-mechanical clock comes alive as the animated tiki inside recites a different performance from one of the tiki Gods at the Disneyland attraction. This build was tricky because of the limited space to work with ( being that I didn't want to make it too big since it's a wall clock),and animating a real tiki mask was a challenge .Most of the  wiring and electronics are housed up in the roof area and consists of 2 logic boards, 2 driver boards, and an audio board .I also designed it with "sleep mode," which by flipping a small switch enables the clock to keep running while disabling the sound and animation.

"Flip-o-Matic" Flip Clock

This handmade electrical flip clock features automatic illumination by the glowing  tubes on each side and an additional glowing light in the back which turns on in a dark room.Clock plugs into any household electrical outlet. This is one of two handmade flip clocks that I built.

This was my second animated clock build, this time based on Walt Disney. At the top of the hour (adjustable) ,the TV automatically turns on as a robotic Walt Disney recites episodes from the 1950s-1960s TV show series "Walt Disney Presents" and "Wonderful World Of Color"in his actual voice..A very different project that uses a vintage TV  which I restored then built a robotic Walt Disney who interacts with the working miniature TV inside. Lots of programming went into this machine so that it preforms a different show and animation every hour ( one of dozens) with corresponding vintage Disney video. It also has a "sleep mode" feature  like my Enchanted Tiki Room Clock,when silent operation is desired.  Circuitry includes 2 logic boards, an audio board,a video board, and 4 driver boards. Between designing, building , and programming ,it was a challenge, but the finished product was worth it.

        Nikola Tesla's Secret Time Machine

This crazy electro-mechanical clock shows the current time and date as well as many flashing lights, moving gauges,bubbling liquid, and a moving chain and sprocket assembly. For this build I wanted to make something really over the top with an antique feel, and so I incorporated everything mechanical I could think of into this solid oak wood with brass clock. Features 4 logic boards ( master and 3 slaves)