An animated robotic Walt Disney recites vintage episodes from the 1950s-1960s TV show "Walt Disney Presents" on the hour in this functional TV table clock!

Completed - May 2016

"Tesla's Secret Time Machine"

Mechanical Clock and Calendar

Completed - November 2016

Classic Car Speedometer Clock

Electro-Mechanical Desk Clock

A one-of-a-kind handmade  electro-mechanical table clock featuring an animated flapper dancer in  a roaring 1920's style cabinet  is coming soon! It's not to be missed!

The Creeper - "Johnny Thunders"

Animated Mod/ Rocker Head   -

Interactive  Wall  Decoration

"Walt Disney Presents"   Animated  TV Table Clock

Completed January 2017e.

Completed -April 2017

This working electro-mechanical wall clock comes alive at the top of every other hour, as it animates and recites a performance of each Tiki God from Disneyland's classic "Enchanted Tiki Room" garden pre-show !.

            " Jazz Girl "

      Animated Electric Clock                   Coming Soon !

"Enchanted Tiki Room"     Animated Wall Clock.

Completed April 2017



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