A  fully animated  animatronic bartender character in a full-sized  wild west themed cabinet  being built for River City Saloon in Sacremento, Ca. is coming soon!   Player has to guess how many beers the wacky bartender can pour and drink before he has enough. Guess right and win! This very unique and interactive animatronic machine is to be completed  in February 2018, don't miss it!

"Disneyland's Enchanted

      Tiki Room Clock"

       Animated Wall Clock

"Walt Disney Presents"   Animated  TV Table Clock

This kit contains everything needed to build your own fortune teller machine. Including all electronics and a mechanical figure. Simply slide into a cabinet, attach and plug in all components ,place a mask on the head, dress,  and go!

This kit was custom built for Rouge Artists Ensemble in Los Angeles, CA.

Fortune Teller Machine Kit



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Starlite Product Development

A handmade animatronic Walt Disney  character recites vintage episodes from the 1950s-1960s TV show "Walt Disney Presents" on the hour in this functional TV table clock!

Showbiz Pizza Place

Animatronic Machine

Completed - December 2017

Classic Car Speedometer Clock

Electro-Mechanical Desk Clock

            " River City Saloon's Drinking Game"

      Full Sized Interactive Animatronic  Machine