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Recapturing the fun and imagination of the past, that is relevant to today and beyond.

Specializing in the design and handmade construction of  one-of-a-kind  electro-mechanical amusement machine  prototypes .


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"Back to the Future" Time Circuits Clock    Electric Desk Clock

10-count Light Bar displayed inside "At The Wallace " bar in New York , NY..

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These Light Bars feature the same commercial grade plastic light casings used on all carnival rides and concession trailers. It brings the excitement and thrills of a carnival or amusement park into your home or business !

Base is made of lightweight wood with a metallic finish, so it can be hung as well as placed on a shelf.  An on/off switch is built into the electric cord for convenience .

These can be used with my "Flash-O-Matic" module ( see product above) if you wish to have them blink like you see on a carnival ride.

The 4 foot long, 16-count Light Bar can be connected end-to-end if a long length is needed.

Your combination choice of colors: Red, Clear,Blue, Purple,Yellow.

The plastic light casings have removable caps to easily replace the 8 watt, E14 light bulbs.

Comes in three different sizes:

5-count  Bar   ( 15" long, 2.5" wide, 4" tall) - $105.00

10-count  Bar   ( 31" long, 2.5" wide, 4" tall) -  $185.00

16-count Bar   (4' long,2.5" wide,4" tall)   - $250.00


*Shipping Extra*   Made To Order - Please allow approx. 3-6 weeks for construction*

Disneyland's "Enchanted

      Tiki Room " Clock

       Animated Wall Clock

Marquee Sign Blinking Module


The cold never bothered me anyways.....

New for 2021, improvements currently are being developed for Starlite's Fortune Teller Machine Kit .New option plans such as  more motions for the animated figure including a wrist turn, up and down eye movement,and also a self-programable machine to easily animate yourself will make your personal machine stand out above the rest! 

  Plans for a  fortune teller cabinet kit are in the designing phase as well for possible release . Cabinet kit would be made of quality hardwood and shipped in panels user would assemble much like putting together a piece of Ikea furnitune.

This do-it-yourself kit contains all the parts needed to build your own fortune teller machine (less cabinet). Simply choose your desired options , and easily install into your cabinet with included simple directions. Commercial grade components makes it ideal for theatrical use, commercial use, or personal use.

This kit allows you to have complete creative control with the look of your machine without any of the technical hassle. It contains the same parts as a new fortune teller machine, and at a fraction of the cost . Want something that's not listed in the options menu? Custom options are also available .All kits are made-to-order.

Carnival Ride Light Bar

"Cryogenically Frozen Walt Disney"

Fortune Teller Machine Kit  Update

This custom made kit was made for

Rogue Artists Ensemble in Los Angeles,CA.

for use in their shows.

Prototype Fortune Teller Machine Cabinet Kit

Gee Whiz! A cryogenically frozen Walt Disney?! Oh, you just know this is going to be good!

What sort of  unusual and exciting mechanical machine is currently being designed and will be revealed late 2021?

The only way to find out is to check back !

"Showbiz Pizza Place " Mini

Animatronic Machine

The "Flash-o-Matic" adds liveliness to any AC powered marquee sign or letter, neon sign, arcade and pinball light boxes . 

Heavy duty module can handle up to 40 amps so it can power a single marquee letter or arrow, or even a large sign!

It's built using solid state electronics which provides silent operation and longevity.

The blinking pattern can be changed to your liking by pushing a button.

Simply plug your sign in the Flash-o-Matic's output, then plug it into any standard electrical outlet and be prepared to be dazzled! .Contact for more information. ***Made to order.***

$95.00 (+ shipping)