"Showbiz Pizza Place " Mini

Animatronic Machine

Demo video of a customer made fortune teller machine using one of our fortune teller machine kits

This tabletop machine is a throwback to the 1980's Chuck E. Cheese Pizza Time Theatre Animatronic.

Operates just like the old full-sized animatronic to vintage showtape audio from 1977-mid 1980s. Each push of the button starts a different brief show ( one of dozens).

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"Back to the Future" Time Circuit    Electric Desk Clock

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October 2023


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 Coin-op Animatronics


This custom made kit was ordered by

Rogue Artists Ensemble in Los Angeles,CA.

for use in their shows.

Currently being planned is a new and exciting (and very large) project based off of a famous pop culture movie! Be sure to check back for exciting updates as they become available. Projected release -    Late 2025

Disneyland's "Enchanted

      Tiki Room " Clock

       Animated Wall Clock

        1980s Chuck E. Cheese

Animatronic  Tabletop Machine

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This do-it-yourself kit contains all the parts needed to upgrade your existing fortune teller machine with a more animated animatronic character, and watch your profits soar! Universal to install into any fortune teller machine made after 1975 .

Conversion kit can also be used to build your own unique fortune teller machine from scratch (less cabinet) !


Simply choose your desired options , and easily install into your cabinet with included simple directions. Commercial grade components makes it ideal for theatrical use, commercial use, or personal use.

This kit allows you to have complete creative control with the aesthetics of your machine without any of the technical hassle. With intelligent motions ,unique features and animated accessories not found with any other fortune telling machines sold today,makes this kit a must when you want yours to stand out from the rest and attract more traffic! 

Want something that's not listed in the options menu? Custom options are also available . All conversion kits are made-to-order.


Animated Mechanical Table Clock

Designed And Built For Cinelounge Cinemas 

This animatronic Alfred Hitchcock character was designed and built for Cinelounge Cinemas for use in their theatre. 


 From inside a ticket booth,Hitchcock spins around and welcomes guests entering the theatre lobby with many motions including a  rotating body, 3-axis moving arm, fully animated face,and much more.Character has the ability to recite different dialog per show with unlimited speech and background music capabilities.

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May 2024

Alfred Hitchcock Entrance Greeter

The classic pinball machine "Funhouse" is transformed into this one-of-a-kind animated table clock!

At the top of every hour, automatic curtains open up as Rudy comes alive to programmed lights and original sounds,speech and music from the game. Performs a different 40-second show every hour . True to the game,Rudy acts differently defending on what hour it is. Clock (Funhouse) is "open" from 9am till midnight.

Flashing programmed carnival lights, an LCD display and analog clock complete with adjustable stereo sound are just a few of the features on this fun clock.

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Currently underway in the shop is a project concept that was drafted a while back, but now is in the works . This will be a very different, full-sized coin-op machine based off a  famous and loved character, so don't miss it! 

Projected release - Late 2024

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