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       Animated Wall Clock

The "Flash-o-Matic" adds liveliness to any AC powered marquee sign, neon sign, arcade and pinball light boxes . 

Heavy duty module can handle up to 40 amps so it can power a single marquee letter, or a large sign!

It's built using solid state electronics which provides silent operation and longevity.

The blinking pattern can be programmed to your liking.

Simply plug your sign in the Flash-o-Matic's output, then plug it into any standard electrical outlet .Many different options also available, contact for more information.

$65.00 (+ shipping)




 Handmade                  Prototypes  


Welcome  To  Starlite  Product  Development !

Recapturing the fun and imagination of the past, that is relevant to today and beyond.

Specializing in the design and handmade construction of  one-of-a-kind electro-mechanical amusement  prototypes


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Starlite Product Development

The "Talk-a-Matic" audio module allows you to make any plush toy talk,. Can also be used with Halloween costumes or Halloween props ,also costumes used in cosplay where prerecorded audio is desired. 

Small self contained unit fits anywhere, has storage of over 5 minutes of continuous audio,and a powerful audio amp provides loud and crisp sound. Simply provide the audio tracks you would like it to play, and it comes ready to use. Push button operated , plays a different audio track with each push,and operates on a 9-volt battery.

Measures 61mm Deep,28mm High, 75mm Length

$45 (plus $6.50 shipping)

Moving 1950's Speedometer Clock

Electro-Mechanical Desk Clock

"Talk-a-Matic" Compact Audio Module

This life-sized animatronic bartender character in a   wild west themed cabinet   was built for River City Saloon in Sacremento, Ca.  Player has to guess by pushing a button how many beers the drunk bartender can pour and drink before he has enough. Guess right and win!  This unique and interactive machine actually  pours "beer"  from a  beer tap, and many other features!

This kit contains everything needed to build your own fortune teller machine. Including all electronics and a mechanical figure. Simply slide the robotic figure into a cabinet, attach and plug in all components ,place a mask on the head, dress,  and go! Made of sturdy aluminum and steel ,kit can be used in commerical settings.

This  kit was  originally custom built for Rouge Artists Ensemble in Los Angeles, CA.

$1,600 as shown ( + shipping) , This is a made-to-order item, build time is approx. 6-9 weeks. Many different options available, contact for more information.

            " Stinky Pete's Drinking Game"

        Animatronic  Bartender Machine


Fortune Teller Machine Kit

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