1980s Style

          Mini Chuck E. Cheese 

          Animatronic Machine


Version #2              Version #1 


The animatronics at Chuck E. Cheese may be officially gone, but now you can relive the memories with this 1980s style animatronic Chuck E. Cheese from Pizza Time Theatre

This is a working scaled down version  of the early 1980s Pizza Time Theatre "Balcony Style" Chuck. E. Cheese.

Mini Chuck E. comes mounted on a solid wood Pizza Time theatre stage that is all self contained  with programmed stage lights and adjustable amplified audio that delivers clear sound and fits anywhere. Just plug this tabletop machine into any household AC outlet ,and relive those memories!

By pushing the button,Mini Chuck E. Cheese will animate to a short clip of vintage Pizza Time Theatre show tapes from 1977 to the mid-1980s. Comes programmed with dozens of various audio clips, so each show performance is different!

Just like the full sized original animatronic,it features moving eyes, head and body turn,arms movement ,and mouth movement in sync to audio.

Completely hand constructed in U.S.A  using all new components with quality parts and craftsmanship for years of enjoyment. 

-Adjustable Audio

-Easily plugs into AC outlet

-On/Off switch saves memory of shows played while turning off electronics

Measures: 12" wide x 17" high x 12" deep

​For this piece I was inspired by the Showbiz Pizza Animatronic Gumball machine I've constructed in the past (see "small scale projects portfolio" page) . I found it only fitting to finally construct a Chuck E. Cheese version, but this time with a little simplier and cleaner design. I was originally going to develop a couple other characters from Pizza Time Theatre such as Jasper, which would be able to interact with Chuck by means of a usb cable to connect in the back. Although this proved to be too costly, and so the idea was scraped. Operates on three cpus (master + two slaves) and a sound board.

These  prototype machines were built in a very small quantity. Production ceased  and was discontinued on 2/1/2024 .