Speedometer Desk Clock

          Automotive  Electro-Mechanical Desk Clock         



This actual speedometer from a vintage 1959 Plymouth Belvedere automobile was repurposed into a functional  and very different electric desk clock. The illuminated speedometer needle shows the current hour by how "fast"  it's going ( 10 mph = 1:00,  20 mph= 2:00,  30 mph= 3 :00 , etc.). Moving gauges, , blinking warning and hazard lights, and V8 engine sound effects all happen throughout the clocks operation to give it added animation. The temperature gauge slowly rises, then when it reaches "hot" the oil lamp flickers and the hazard lamps flash, all the while the fuel gauge slowly decreases.Everything then resets and starts over.

Since working on classic cars is a hobby of mine, I always wanted to make something like this but had the idea shelved for some time until I found an instrument panel that would look handsome as a clock.The clock operates on 2 separate cpus and a basic audio board. Clock also has a switch to mute the sound if so desired.

​                                         ​​​​"Flip-o-Matic" Flip Clock

These handmade electrical flip clocks features automatic illumination by the electric blue glowing  tubes on each side and an additional glowing light in the back which turns on in a dark room to light the numbers.

I designed  and built two of these clocks in 2014.Both are similar in design with the exception of the red clock having a built in 3-port usb charging port on top. Powered by a 12-volt AC adapter. The case is wooden with an attractive glossy enamel finish, complete with chrome trim and a plexiglass face.

Working on Walt's head


This large,fully functional electro-mechanical clock is based around the rumor that Tesla built a time machine. Clock shows the current time and date as well as many flashing Edison lights up top and an additional long Edison bulb inside.Moving gauges,illuminated bubbling liquid, and a randomly moving chain and sprocket assembly gives it even more animation.

For this build I wanted to make something really over the top with an antique feel that looked like perhaps an inventor from the early 20th century could have built, and so I incorporated everything mechanical I could think of into this solid oak wood with brass clock.

Four large solenoid driven number wheels display the time with a loud "clack", while two smaller solenoid driven number wheels at the bottom display the date.A panel light denotes "AM" and metal buttons to set the time. It Features 4 logic boards ( master and 3 slaves).

This was sold to a magician as a  stage prop for his show performances.

                    " Funhouse"

     Animated Mechanical Table Clock

Left side- TV on

This was the second Disney themed animated clock build, this time based on Walt Disney himself. At the top of the hour (adjustable to play every hour,every other hour, or once every 3 hours)) ,the TV automatically turns on by itself as a little animatronic Walt Disney inside recites episodes from the 1950s-1960s TV show series "Walt Disney Presents" and "Wonderful World Of Color"in his actual voice.

An unusual and unique project that uses a vintage TV  which I restored then built a little robotic Walt Disney who interacts with the working miniature TV inside. Ah-yes ,a TV within a TV!  Many  hours of programming went into this build so that it performs a different show and animation every hour ( one of dozens) with corresponding vintage Disney video to match his dialog. It also has a "sleep mode" feature  like the Enchanted Tiki Room Clock,when silent operation is desired. 

Circuitry includes 2 logic boards, an audio board,a video board, and 4 driver boards. Between designing, building , and programming ,it was a challenge, but the finished product was worth it.

Right side -TV off

A selection of  previous one-of-a-kind  animated clock  projects

"Roll-A-Matic "  Electro-Mechanical Desk Clock.                  


This  big rolling number flip clock is made using restored antique parts and new circuits/wiring mounted on a glossy black finished wooden base for a very mechanical desk clock. Each 4" diameter number wheel is driven by a 25 volt solenoid (electromagnet) and gives a loud  "clack" with every minute/hour that passes. I also added a mechanical chime inside that rings on the hour.  Another interesting feature I incorporated was an analog gauge with a needle that moves back n forth to count the seconds.  An internal cooling fan keeps the inside of the clock at a safe temperature.  This is a  mechanical desk clock that really makes it's presence known.

The followup clock to this build ("Revolt") can be seen on the "Small Projects" page

This clock is based on the classic pinball machine ,"Funhouse". The pinball machine's theme revolves around time, so I found it fitting to develop a clock based on the game. 

At the top of every hour ,automatic curtains open and Rudy comes alive with corresponding programmed lights, sounds, and speech from the game!

True to the game, Rudy's mood changes depending on what the current hour  is.Every hour has different music and quotes from the game as well.

An LCD display tells the time as well as the analog clock up top. The  40-second shows  play each hour from when the Funhouse opens at 9am, till it closes at Midnight.

The Funhouse (clock) is closed from Midnight till 8am. Shows do not play during this time, while the clock continues to run.

Features Include:

Adjustable stereo sound- two knobs in back allow you to adjust the speech and music volume.

Attract Mode - Red button in front turns on/off attract mode. Curtains open and Rudy looks around for a few seconds if someone is near the clock (randomly). The illuminated white "eye" in front  of the clock denotes if attract mode is on.

Sleep Mode - Black switch in lower front of clock turns on/off the sleep mode. When activated, shows will not play while the clocks operation is unaffected ( when silence is desired).

This was a one-off prototype (only one exists). I had this project idea shelved for a few years up until recently when it was finally executed and completed.

A lot of circuitry and programming went into this build, much like the Walt Disney Presents clock (see below). A total of 7 cpus plus the audio boards make this clock come alive.

I had to design a small automatic curtain system that would fit in the tight space. This took some time, but was worth it as I feel it creates an additional fun, mechanical aspect to the clock.

Programmed carnival lights on top of the clock and the programmed billboard lights inside act differently depending on the hour (Rudy's mood). Red button in back sets the time.

Plugs into any AC outlet. Replaceable lamps inside and out.

Measures 20"x15"x12"

"Nikola Tesla's Secret Time Machine"

                Table Clock

​​​​                  " Back To The Future" Time Circuits Desk Clock

      This functional  desk clock prop  is built  to resemble the time circuit  display in the Delorean time machine that was featured in the cult classic movie: "Back To The Future". Clock shows the dates  and time Marty McFly traveled to in  the movie. " Present Time" displays the current time . Buttons on top allows you to set the current time. It features all aluminum  hand built construction  , and plugs into any household electrical outlet. 

Pictured here multiple time circuit clocks that I hand built and released just before the October 21, 2015 anniversary (when Marty and Doc went into the future in the 1989 movie) .

This build was a hit with the public and garnered a lot of attention when they were released in early 2014. Being featured on many websites at the time, it  inspired others to create their own versions of this clock for sale since then. 

                     "Walt Disney Presents"

       Animated TV Table Clock

Click on any photo to watch demo video

          Electro-Mechanical  Clocks Portfolio

Finished restored antique TV case

"Walt Disney's Enchanted Tiki Room"

                     Wall Clock

Early stage of the build ,working on the mask

The Time Circuits Clock during various stages of it's build

May 2024

​​This was the first of two Disney themed animated clock builds, and is based upon the classic Enchanted Tiki Room's garden pre-show at Disneyland.

Thinking that something like this should have been available in a Disney park souvenir shop, I decided to construct one.

At the top of every other hour this functional electro-mechanical clock comes alive as the animated tiki inside recites a different performance from one ofthe tiki Gods at the Disneyland attraction.

This build was tricky because of the limited space to work with , being that I didn't want to make it too big since it's a wall clock.Also, animating a real tiki mask was a challenge because of it's shape. Most of the  wiring and electronics are housed up in the roof area and consists of 2 logic boards, 2 driver boards, and an audio board .I also designed it with "sleep mode," which by flipping a small switch enables the clock to keep running while disabling the sound and animation.

This build was a hit with the public and went viral on social media when it was released in 2017.