Starlite Product Development  was founded in 2010,and began selling to the public in 2014. My work primarily specializes in one-of-a-kind  handmade electro-mechanical amusement machine prototypes and other electrical curiosities for both commercial and consumer sales .

I am a self-taught freelance artist, with a diverse background in mechanics and electronics.

Over the years,I've held careers in many different fields, which has not only widened my skills, but also enabled me to now do what I love and express my imagination to the world, hopefully inspiring others in the process.

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Many of the different  prototypes I  design and handcraft are inspired by the old animated characters commonly found in theme parks & carnival dark rides that I've always found captivating,antique automata, and the colorful coin-operated electro-mechanical amusement machines that were once popular in arcades during the early to mid 20th century . I combine modern technology and pop culture with the charm of the past for unique products.

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