Many of the different  prototypes I design and hand craft are inspired by the old and captivating animated  characters commonly found in theme parks & carnival dark rides from the mid to late 20th century. Also from antique automatons, and the colorful coin-operated electro-mechanical amusement machines that were once popular in penny arcades from a bygone era.

combine modern technology with the charm of the past for unique and fun products that targets a wide range of demographics in today's market.

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More About Starlite Product Development

Gregory M. - Owner

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Starlite Product Development was founded in 2013.  My work primarily specializes in the design and construction of one-of-a-kind,  hand crafted electro-mechanical coin-op amusements, coin-op animatronics, and other unusual retro electro-mechanical curiosities for both B2B and consumer sales .

Currently we are in our growth phase and will be upscaling manufacturing operations in 2025. 

The owner is a self-taught freelance artist, proficient in the multiple disciplines required, such as mechanical, electrical, and robotic engineering. As well as carpentry, painting, computer programming,sales, casting and mold making practices.

Holding different careers in various fields of discipline over the years has aided in refining his skills as a necessary "jack of all trades" in this complex industry.

Striving to always do better, and with technology rapidly advancing, lifelong learning is required and never quite finished in this field. 

​"Art is never finished, only abandoned"

       -  Leonardo  Da Vinci